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Besides offering some of the best in the world, Romania and Hungary are also cost effective alternatives. You should expect rates to be around 30% to 50% lower than in the US, the UK or Western Europe. This article give you insights into popular software development models. Learn why software outsourcing in Romania is a good option for your project.

As you already know, there are plenty of companies in Ukraine that provide IT services and Mobilunity is one of them. So these are the most important things to look for in your future software developer’s resume. Of course, there is more to the list, however, these are the core ones that will ensure that your specialists will be worth his price. There is no better way to find out whether or not a software developer is a good match for your team than to look at the examples of his previous work. All things considered, Romania a pretty well-rounded location for outsourcing.

Top Energy Startups and Companies in Romania

Furthermore, it is an EU member and thus a good choice for projects that use personal data belonging to EU residents. The only obvious plus of Romania is its labor cost, which can be 20 to 30% lower than in Poland. Strategically located in Central Europe, Poland is the closest outsourcing destination to countries in Western Europe. Besides, it is one hour closer in timezone to the United States than Romania. All these aspects made Poland a top destination for software nearshoring.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has introduced many changes to the global tech talent market. Previously, a lot of companies turned to Russia as a software development services provider. Between 50,000 and 70,000 Russian developers have already fled the country since February 24, and at least 100,000 are expected to leave in the coming months.

Romanian Outsourcing vs other Eastern European Destinations

Competitive salaries of Romanian developers are also a great advantage for startups and small tech companies. From startups to growth-stage companies, and large enterprises, the skill level is mature enough to provide quality IT services and build great software products for any industry or tech stack. You can find companies that cover web, desktop, mobile, even AI, big data or even blockchain. This is not a place that offers just bodies on chairs, but professionals with enough knowledge and technical acumen to be able to challenge the traditional outsourcing perspective.

After the last funding round in 2020, the company is worth over $10 billion. Overall, the startup ecosystem in the country can be seen as highly dynamic, with strong fluctuations occurring year on year. This trend subsided in 2020, which saw a sharp decrease in the financing volume by 60%. And the first half of 2021, brought 60 investment rounds to the local startups, worth over $92.6 million in total, providing a considerable boost to the Romanian IT sector. Pro Business Communication Services featured offerings are data entry, contact center services, and other outsourcing functions. This IT services and consulting company has 30 years of experience and continues to play an integral role in the Romanian IT industry.

If employees were once measured by their IQ , then their EQ , now it’s all about the AQ . Europe’s automotive sector has long been the main industrial contributor to European prosperity. Despite recent setbacks, the continent’s electrification is moving full steam ahead with major investments and strategies.

Report: RO business services industry sees 30% growth in number of employees in the last three years –

Report: RO business services industry sees 30% growth in number of employees in the last three years.

Posted: Fri, 04 Nov 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Romania is located close to many European countries with more minor time zone differences. It is 1 hour ahead of Eastern European countries and 2 hours ahead of Western European countries. The more negligible time difference makes it very convenient for European companies to coordinate with the development teams in Romania. For you to get a clearer understanding of how software developers’ rates are being distributed depending on the country, we prepared you a chart with their average yearly income. All the numbers from it were taken from Salaryexplorer and Salaryexpert.

Average Hourly Salary Rates by Tech Stack

Most European countries are close to the Romanian time zone, but the difference in the time zone for the US is around 7 hours . You can discuss your schedule at the beginning and find the developers that prefer working in the evenings. Even if you are confident in the ability of the offshore team, apart from the technical expertise of the development company, you should also review their management team and the company hierarchy. If they have strong internal management, you won’t have to supervise the team too much and can directly communicate with the project manager who oversees the project. Regarding the average salary, we can see and assume that there are more high-quality and senior-level engineers in the country than junior IT specialists. The technical talent in Romania is not just splendid in quantity but also in quality.

To validate what you learned so far, speak with a few customers of your potential partner. Great English skills and vast experience in working on international projects. Central & East European devs have been supporting startups worldwide for years now.

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The country has maintained its steady growth by the increasing number of companies that choose Romania as its number one destination for outsourcing. Romania’s IT industry has been growing rapidly over the course of the last 20 years. During this period of time, Romania has earned its reputation of being one of the top custom software development, maintenance, and support services in eastern Europe. Romania ranks among the top 20 countries when it comes to software development. The IT industry in Romania has an annual growth rate of 14.3%, and tech-related activities contribute about 6% of the country’s entire GDP.

Nokian Tyres shares fall as new Romanian plant fails to convince – Reuters

Nokian Tyres shares fall as new Romanian plant fails to convince.

Posted: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

IT companies respond to the ever growing needs for skilled workers by supporting these endeavors and offering various learning opportunities. In a global context, IT and research-development innovation are critical factors for sustainable development. Moreover, accelerated digitalization has led to not just governments but also companies making significant changes. Governments’ main targets are economic growth, foreign investment attraction, and applicable fiscal policies for the research and development industry. Accordingly, Romania has introduced attractive fiscal measures and tax incentives relating to the IT industry. There’s no need to worry about communication issues when it comes to Romanian IT professionals. develops the AI platform for sales teams, which requires rare engineering skills. The startup decided to hire IT talents with a special technology stack in Eastern Europe and started to work with several providers at once that resulted in… IT recruitment services in Romania, Poland, and other Eastern European countries for international product companies. If you need programmers of a high expertise level, it’s exactly what Alcor specializes in. Profile Expert in offshore development strategies for technology companies and startups.

This is largely due to the country’s low cost of living and its economic conditions. For an entry-level position at a tech company, the average hourly rate begins anywhere between $40-$50. In India, the average hourly rate for a developer with 1-4 years of experience starts at approximately around $30, and in the UK, the same level of experience starts at $38. Outsourcing has become an essential part of how businesses operate on a global scale. While there are various advantages and disadvantages with outsourcing, it’s important to keep in mind the business needs and demands must operate within a designated budget. However, outsourcing has proven to be an effective way of improving the efficiencies of an organization’s general operations, leaving the internal team to focus and deliver high-quality work.


It is regarded as the most developed city in Romania with more production companies. According to the FRD Center, the BPO sector in Romania involves 280 companies with around 131,000 employees. The revenue generated by this industry was EUR 4.5 billion (USD 4.98 billion) in 2020 and the business services industry contributed about 2-2.5% to the GDP. The country outranked the United States (78.0), the United Kingdom (77.7), and India (76.0) by a considerable margin.

  • If you aim to build a team of Romanian developers, nCube has access to the tech talent market in Eastern Europe.
  • Its excellent fiscal climate and lack of government pressure offer the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU at 10%.
  • Moreover, Deloitte’s 2019 report Investing in Romania comprises a detailed analysis of fiscal incentives, corporate and business law, and Romania’s labor market.
  • Search through a database of 38K talented service providers and collaborate with the best for your specific needs.

Next, your michael finkelstein, author at the global treasurer must have well-established, effective engineering, recruitment, and compliance processes in place. If you lack the required in-house expertise, have a consultant assess these aspects for the companies on your shortlist. Requesting references from a few relevant customers of each company on your shortlist can also prove invaluable. In terms of the salaries, Ukrainian and Romania software engineer salary differ a lot depending on the technology and developers experience. But Ukraine has a larger talent pool and more wide choice of IT providers what makes Ukraine a more attractive software development destination.

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